Dinard, France (Brittany) in Photos

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Dinard France, is a magical place filled with dramatic seascapes, rapidly increasing and decreasing tide, and strong tension and passion all between the old and new. With mansions covering The coastline and magnetic weather, this area has caused an attraction for people like Alfred Hitchcock. The things that you see along the coast and in town, remind me of Hitchcock films. Especially in the early morning and late evening with a dark and moody cloud cover.

The main beaches are frankly not that interesting unless you are looking to sit on the beach on a sunny day. The surrounding area, architecture, coastline and dramatic views are what attract me.

The following is a selection of photos from my recent trip. My family and I spent two weeks in Dinard and rented a house along the coast with another couple who also had two kids. We spent most days going to the beach, exploring the town and seeing what there was to see. Most of the shots were taken during my daily 2-hour walk, which gives me time to reflect, think, and see the world.


Coast of Dinard, France

Monochrome photo of the Club Des Pingouins at Plage de l'Écluse - Dinard, France

Club Des Pingouins at Plage de l'Écluse - Dinard, France

Obviously titled, “club of the penguins”, is a quick snap on the beach in Dinard. This is a common kids club found along the beaches in Brittany. 

What caught my eye about this scene is the clouds versus the tiled ground. Then have the little penguin waving at you and the service offering or menu card for the day. Just so simple so innocent yet has an almost menacing appeal. Would you take your kids to the club of the penguins?

Monochrome photo of a cement pier leading into the ocean falling short of Fort de Harbour along the Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard, France

Explosions in the Sky - Fort de Harbour - Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard, France

Also, a great indy band (listen here) “Explosions in the Sky”, is a scene along the path in front of Dinard. jetting out into the ocean were concrete piers. The reason they are all concrete is that the tides rise and fall every day between 30 and 40 feet. The tide will commonly cover the entire scene before you including these walkways.

This former pier is a relic of the past and serves as a nice frame Pointing you out into the ocean where you will see an island. This island is a protector of the Brittany Coast. Above the island, you’ll see clouds exploding into the sky. The clouds along this portion of the coast typically offer very dramatic views like this. With the sunlight behind you, they are well lit in your foreground can be nicely lit with depth and contrast.

Monochrome photo of Fort de Harbour island framed by the Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard France

Framed Isolation of the Fort de Harbour - Below the Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard France

Here we have a commonly unseen view of the pathway along the Dinard Coast. I climb down below the walkway and you’ll see here how high the tide commonly goes. I covered up the pathway twice daily. This water outlet served as a nice frame to point you over to Fort Ocean.

Monochrome photo of a couple walking and taking photos just below the art installation of a rock on a tree.

Gravity - Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard France

Gravity is the thing that you see here. This is unreal scene is actually an art installation along the path. The woman you see here was posing for a picture with her boyfriend, hope you can see just to the right. For me, this was an almost perfect option to also take a photo. With her standing there with a cliché umbrella and underneath a dramatic gravity-defying rock this serves as an almost perfect memory of the spot.

Just past her umbrella, you can almost see Saint-Malo and its church.

Along the walkway, there are two art installations that frame the path. This one of what looks to be a tree with a big curiously balanced stone on top of what is actually a concrete pillar holding stone gives you the impression of an organic theme. The woman below holding my umbrella offers a nice juxtaposition and balance showing just how large the art installation is and how it looks windswept.

Plage Saint-Enogat - Steps with Private (Prive) written.

Prive Steps - Plage Saint-Enogat, Dinard France

Prive! All up and down the Dina Coe’s are large mentions that terminate on the coast with stairways leading down into the water and many of them without gates their owners have elected to display private sons so the two of us do not offend the steps. If you were to send the stuff you usually end up either in the Garden of Eden doorway through it on the other side is a garden.

These words are coming to the sea and usually and bright white lettering making them high contrast to the viewers walking by it’s almost entertaining to see them because the house is a bug worth so much money these are written as if three-year-old learning their letters have written them.

La Cale du Bec - Terminates in the ocean with the tides brining the salt water above the entire road.

Road into the Water (La Cale du Bec) in Dinard France

Back in town, the main part of the Dinard is a small area where fisherman and people can launch their boats. This road terminating into the water feels as if we could schedule a slope that it rolls on forever. Given that the sea rises over 40 feet times this road is quite long. It is common for young lovers to jump off the road into the sea on nice days but would also make this road very interesting is that it points you directly over to Saint Marlo. If this were a clear Day you would see the chimney, Saint-Malo. 

Monochrome photo of a walking path along the ocean with steps leading down into the water below a precariously perched art installation above the walkway.

Art installation along the Chemin de Ronde de la Malouine in Dinard France (Rock on a Log with Stairs into the Deep)

An additional perspective to the art installation along the path in Dennard. this time though you see that there are steps going into the ocean. The steps are commonly used for swimmers and for people trying to escape rapidly rising tides. Also hearing you get the perspective of just how much the tide rises at times. This path will be covered and sometimes up to 5 feet of water.

Monochrome photo of an outdoor saltwater pool at the beach in Dinard France.

Outdoor Swimming Pool - Plage de l'Ecluse - Dinard France

This outdoor swimming pool in the main part of the note is a saltwater pool. With the tide rising so high it will rise above the edge of the pool filling it with fresh seawater. It is beautiful to see this or carved in stone and presented with long sweeping views of the beach. When it is warm you’ll see children jumping off of these platforms and into the seawater In both directions